Our mission, our values

Sansedoni was founded in 1999 as a Property & Investment company and immediately started working on the management and development of large real estate portfolios, gaining the skills and experience in Italian real estate which it has been applying for almost 18 years.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive know-how in the real estate, financial, legal and administrative fields, and the high quality of work done, Sansedoni has been able to adapt to new market needs, expanding its business lines over the years.

Today Sansedoni is a Management company and Full Service Provider which can provide turnkey integrated solutions for the management, development and marketing of private or institutional real estate portfolios, as well as for structuring and managing complex real estate transactions through its Business Units and the operating companies of the Group which have expertise in various areas.

The range of real estate services offered by the Group covers the various areas of the real estate supply chain, with a specific focus on the development of underlying assets, combining support services with direct asset management and strategic planning, with execution and consolidation of the target objectives. Thanks to the expertise gained, Sansedoni also offers an innovative Restructuring advisory service aimed at companies in crisis or insolvency and which are preparing for operational consolidation and financial restructuring.

With two operational bases, in Siena and Milan, Sansedoni can provide excellent coverage of the entire national territory through its network of professionals with proven multi-sectoral expertise.